VKV Sofia Ltd offers products with

guaranteed quality and conformity with European standards

Projecting, manufacturing and assembly engineering services for

food and bottling plants, subscription support and spare parts

About us

VKV Sofia Ltd - leaders in the manufacturing of conveyor systems, filling, capping, rinsing, packing, labelling and handle application machines. VKV Sofia Ltd was established as a company in 2006. During the years, the firm has specialised in the manufacturing...


VKV Sofia Ltd offers machines and equipment for the food and beverage industry Our solutions include such products as: self adhesive labelling machines, bottling lines, machines for still water and beverage filling, standardised conveyors with applications in different fields of...


Apart from manufacturing, VKV Sofia Ltd offers various engineering services Our experience in the manufacturing of machines and equipment for the food and beverage industry gives us enough background to help our clients in obtaining solutions for various problems which...

Services offered by VKV Sofia Ltd

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